Pain in Foot Causes

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Pain in the foot can be caused due to various reasons. As feet are very important to move, enough care should be taken so that you will move from one location to another location without any difficulty. The podiatrist is the specialist who can help you get relief from pain in the foot. The doctor will examine the feet and will check your lifestyle and disease history as well so that the most appropriate medication will be suggested.

Various causes

If there is swelling at the base of the toe, it will lead to pain in the foot which is termed as bunion. This kind of condition will come through hereditary means and it will happen due to injury. Initial medication will be done through padding and other means. If there is no relief, it will be treated with surgery.

If there is a calcium deposit on the heel bone, it will lead to the formation of a heel spur. The condition will occur along-with the planar fasciitis. The pain will be more at the time of walking or standing.

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Wear and tear

The inflammation of the fibrous skin which will be at the bottom of the foot will lead to pain. This condition is prevalent in obese personalities, sports persons and middle aged people. There are various kinds of medications to treat planar fasciitis. In addition to oral medication, injections and physical therapy are suggested to get relief from pain.

Osteoarthritis is the condition which is mostly witnessed in patients whose age is above 60. The condition arises due to wear and tear. In order to treat these conditions there are various options. In addition to the changes in the intake of food, exercises are suggested. There should be some activity so that the joints will be in working conditions. Medicines and surgery are also available to treat the condition.

Hammertoe is a condition in which the toe will bend in a permanent way. The condition may occur without any trigger point and it can be witnessed in all age groups. It can be treated through splinting and orthotics. In extreme cases, it can be treated through surgery as well.


If there is damage to the nerve, there will be tingling sensation or numbness in the foot. It is most prevalent in people suffering with diabetes and this condition is termed as diabetic neuropathy.

The toes might be affected by fungus as well. This is quite common in the majority of people. Oral mediation is the best option to treat this kind of pain in the foot. You can also go for creams and lotions as per the advice of the podiatrist.


If there is severe injury to the nerve that lies in between the toes, the nerve will become thick. It will be difficult to walk as there will be severe pain. There will be different degrees of pain in the ball of the foot. The condition might lead to toe cramping as well and it is more prevalent in between the fourth and third toe. In addition to anti-inflammatory medications, surgery will be performed in extreme cases.