Foot Pain Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

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There are numerous ways that can cause pain in foot of a human and most are mild enough to be cured easily while others would require hospitalization and surgery.

The pain may have its location on the foot or the heel or the whole leg and since these are interconnected it is known as foot pain.

Main Causes of a Foot Pain

The main causes of a foot pain are those that pertain to the bones, muscles sprains, ligaments toenails, blood vessels passing through the area, skin diseases or rashes or nerve problems. One of the most common pains is associated with the heel and they are found in people of all ages although the older people have them frequently.

When diagnosed with a heel problem, if the same is of ordinary nature then you may treat the same with your own home grown treatment tools. Bed rest is very important while you may begin applying over the counter medicine. You may wear shoes that support the part affected and although the pain appears on the heel it can send the pain shooting to the whole toe too. However, there is no danger of such pain in foot as it happens mostly in the morning when you wake up.

Different Causes of Foot Pain

There are different causes of pain in foot and one is the abnormal growth of bone on the toe region. It may have been caused due to the way you walk or being engaged in certain sports or other activities.

Another cause is fracture which may be due to some injury or fall or an accident. Here, in such cases you need to go and seek medical advice as you may have your knee or foot plastered and require bed rest after that so as to get well. You may have foot pain if you wear ill fitting shoes or engaged in some activities that have sprained your foot.

The cause of pain may be due to thickening of the tissue around the nerve that passes from the toes or due to broken or pierced toenail. You may be advised rest or apply medicine as well as ice on the sore. Surgery is also resorted to when there is excess tear or damage to the toenail. Pain killers are usually suggested as the pain may become unbearable.

Arthritis can also be the cause of foot pain and this is quite common in older generations. In the case of gout inflammation occurs and this causes swelling and severe pain. In most cases the doctors suggest medicines including pain relievers and rest.

However, pain in foot may have other causes and this may be related to other part of the leg or even due to cancerous growth in that region.

Diagnosis of Foot Pain

You must at once see your doctor when the pain in foot becomes unbearable as there may be other causes which you alone may not be able to perceive. In many cases hospitalization may be necessary. However, generally pain in foot is not life threatening.